From Saint-Maximin, the country road D28 will bring you after about 10 kilometers (6 miles) to our village Bras.

On the D28 towards Bras
Bras, main road into the village

Bras, main road into the village

Uphill towards the centre of the village

Marker 1 (see the map): Stay on the D28 now called Rue Henri Fabre, and continue up the hill, in front of the house with the brown shutters, towards Le Val and Brignoles right into the centre of the village (and don't get confused by the yellow D35 sign on top of the signpost: it belongs to the road that turns left to Brue-Auriac and can be ignored)

Bras centre, Place du 14 Juillet

Bras, town centre: here at the churche house the Avenue Jean Jaurès leads into the Square of July 14 (Place du 14 Juillet). On your right you see the Café du Centre "Le Nemrod", on your left the tobacco and newspaper kiosk. Between, follow the road (still D28) for about 50 m, then turn left into Rue Emile Combes and follow from here our blue signs.